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Apr 30

5 of the Hottest Algebra Books

By Annette H | Uncategorized

1. Practical Algebra: Self Teaching Guide
By Peter H. Selby
Price: $11.82

This is one of the most popular Algebra books on the market today. This book contains some real life examples, applications, and many other practical series for improving your algebra skill set. It provides the tools to handle any fractions, roots, radicals, exponents, and many other equations.

2. Algebra I For Dummies

Price: $16.40
By Sterling

This book addresses linear equations, conquer quadratic formula, and it makes solving difficult equations seem easy. It provides practical problems and examples. The tone is friendly and comprehensive. Its eBook is acclaimed as one of the most popular Algebra e-books on the market.

3. Algebra Survival Guide Workbook
By Sterling
Price: $9.95

Make sure you check out some of the reviews that this book has! It is well known for its thorough approach. There are countless practice questions and answers. The practice problems have been specially formed to improve participants effectiveness. It possible that you will find yourself inheriting a super natural ability to solve Algebra problems easily.

4. Painless Algebra
Marcie Abramson Ed.M.
Price: $9.63

Who wants an ouchy from Algebra? No one. There are some fun learning exercises hidden inside of this book. For instance, you can expect games, puzzles, and also challenging Brain Tickler problems. This has a refreshing approach.

5. Spectrum Algebra Workbook
by Spectrum
Note: This is the 7th grade edition
Price: $9.95

You wont miss a thing with this book. Be it fractions, factors, functions, proportion, graphing, interest, or many other topics, it has you covered. Expect to find a wealth of problem solving activities.

You can navigate directly to the gold now. All 5 of these books are best sellers in the Algebra category.

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Apr 30

20 Fun Science Trips

By Annette H | science

20 Fun Science Trips

Are you looking for a bit of family fun mixed with learning this year?
Contributing Writer: Mark Gatanga

    • Science camps are one of the greatest opportunities kids get to have fun and learn at the same time. We have come up with a list of United States science trips you may want to consider. Hopefully this list will guide parents towards preparing for summer vacation early. After if Spring is here summer is just around the corner and preplanning for family trips is a must! Some of the prices of these trips will be posted.

1) Exploratorium – San Francisco, California
Charges are $19 for kids between 4-12 years, $24 (13-17 years) and $29 (adults, 18-64 years)

Cognitive Technology. Kids will learn about a new device, which when worn by the “explorer”, can help them control, for example, a robot arm with their brain.

Science of Sharing. Learn the scientific study of social interactions.

Museum’s indoor and outdoor exhibitions. The kids will learn how physical forces interact with the world we inhabit and how science bring the balance.

2) Camp Invention – Highland Park, North Canton, Ohio

They have locations nationwide but their headquarters are in North Canton, Ohio.

They have a theme for every year. Check them out for this year’s theme.

Kids will get a chance to interact with inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Make their own prototypes which they can carry back home.

The program features a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) modules, thus opening up your kids mind to new possibilities.

3) Alaska Summer Research Academy – Fairbanks, AK

Students engage in an intensive team work of STEM-based modules.

Plus other educational based projects just for fun and not grades.

Students are encouraged to make friends and respect each other’s inputs

4) Destination Science Summer Camp – North Elm Street, CA

Destination Science camps are held in over 130 community centers across 6 states.

Kids enjoy a week long fun-filled day camps.

They learn how to make and play with exciting take-home toys, robots, roller coasters.

Also look forward to other forms of creative engineering.

-Charges vary with the location of the camp and it can be found on their website.

5) Pollen Power – Urbana, Illinois

Cost is $350 per camper.

This is a special camp for girls who have completed their 6th or 7th grades.

If you have an interest in environmental, plant and pollen power study.

Children to learn how pollination takes place, in real time.

They also get familiar with million-dollar plant-research facilities on campus.

6) Sea Turtle Camp- North Carolina, Hawaii, Costa Rica (What a treat!)

    • Sea Turtle Camp majors on marine biology and the science around it

It involves patrolling the beaches in search of turtle nests.

Activities include scuba diving, volunteering in a sea turtle hospital.

Kids may also contribute to marine health.

This camps is suitable for all ages from teens to adults.

7) Digital Media Academy

Held in prestigious Universities in more than 10 US States and Canada.

Kids learns how apps are developed, create Java C++ and other programs and film making.

8) COSMOS Program – (Four University of California campuses)

It’s an intensive lab program lasting 4 weeks.

It targets students who have completed their 8-12 grades.

Involves research work that goes beyond regular school curriculum.

Students gets a hands-on exposure to ongoing researches in the University of California.

9) Dunes Learning Center – Chesterton, Indiana

-Charges are $375 per participant for 5 days and 4 nights and $150 for kids aged 6-8 for 5 days. An $80 fee applies for those who wish to participate in Mighty Arcons camp. Other special offers for military kids are available.

    Learners participate in dune hiking, identify different insects found in the Indiana woodland, a night campfire, hunting for salamanders and kayaking.

10) PWSSC Science Summer Camps – Cordova, Alaska (Just in case you are able to explore)

    • Students learn fish ecology, marine and coastal ecosystem, environmental challenges like oil pollution and climate change. They also get to use high tech gadgets and engage with scientists and researchers.

The center offers full and partial scholarship opportunities through Carol Treadwell Scholarship Fund.

11) Youth Digital Technology Camps – Washington D.C. and 3 other states.

    • This is a summer vacation camp for kids aged 8-16 years.

They learn 3-D animation, game design, graphic design, and modeling.

They use professional tool to create customized fashion fabrics and collection. Kids are encouraged to continue learning the basics even after the camp.

12) Program your Future – San Francisco Bay Area, California.

    • A camp for middle school girls.

It is aimed at equipping girls with programming basics, networking, STEM lessons.

Field trips to museums or tech firms.

Girls also learn how to write resumes and confidently attend interviews.

13) Sigma Camp – Sharon, Connecticut

Open to students aged between 12 and 16 years.

SC is powered by STEM programs and tends.

They teach these youngsters how sciences interrelate to strike natural balance.

Participants will also interact with leading scientists.

14) ID Tech Camps – (in over 28 states)

    • -ID Tech offers both kids (6-12) and teens (13-17) programs in over 100 top campus.

Powered by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).
This camps’ motive is to inspire youngsters to get ready for the expansive tech world.

They learn game making, web design, robotic engineering, iOS and Android platforms, film making.

There are other optional pre-college courses.

15) Kids for the Bay – (Berkeley, CA)

    Kids about learn marine science, ocean shores exploration, collect pond insects and tend to botanical gardens.

16) Camp Galileo – (over 25 locations around the US)

    • General outdoor activities, tackles team-building challenges, artistic and scientific inventions.


    5th graders are given honorary titles for their work.

17) The Tech Museum (San Jose, CA)

3-D game designs, kitchen chemistry, robotics, crime scene investigation and film-making.

18) Science Explorers – PA, Delaware, and New Jersey

-Exciting hands-on artistic and scientific exposure, career exploration and motivation from speakers like Steve Harvey.

19) Space Camp – (Huntsville, AL)

-Trains kids interested in space science and astronautic engineering. Simulated space missions and mock rocket launches.

20) Girl Scouts of the USA – (headquarters in New York City)

This special science camp offers girl scouts an opportunity to explore the world of Science.

Also, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM), Leadership, digital art, scientific invention.

Kids learn while earning esteemed honor badges at it.

math help
Apr 30

Math Help

By Annette H | Math

25 Websites For Free e-Learning and Downloads written

You heard it right, Free Offers! For those currently in school, life is greatly simplified by the free websites available which provide learning materials both commercially and for free. The following websites are carefully selected to provide anyone interested with quality free e-learning downloads.

Free Games Students of the World (
* This site has a pen pal platform which provides pen pal address for those interested.
* It has online quizzes.
* Encourage teen chat clubs

Free Stuff and Samples (“
* Offer reading and grammar games for free.
* Offer Geography and History games.
* Assist with Maths skills through Mathematical games.

Zur Institute (
* Offer Maths, reading, geography and time management games.

Learn 4 Good (
*For general educational games.
* Mathematical and Science games for scholars.

The Kidz Page (
* For elementary scholars.
* Offer many learning games, online toys and puzzles
* Provide free software for kids printable coloring pages

Free Kids e-Books (“
*website has books for online reading or download for elementary through high scholars.
* This site has both parents’ and teachers’ sites listed.

Good Reads (
* Provides free kindle e-book downloads for elementary scholars.

Brillkids (
* Easily downloadable and printable e-books which parents can use with their children.
* Also have activity sheets and flash card printouts.

Best e-Books World (
* Their downloadable e-books are both for children and about children and are for all school levels and for parents or care-givers.

Free Kids Books (
* They have mostly elementary story books for online reading or pdf downloads.

Free Math Khan Academy (
* Offer online Math tutorials and all other subjects at all three levels.
* The website has a platform for community and for questions users might have.

Math (
* Offer Math practice for elementary scholars.
* Provide score report.

Math Practice (
* Practice tests and questions which can be used by teachers and parents.
* Provide Math worksheets for the different levels.

*Has several state standard to help children maintain the appropriate standards.
*It will allow you free samples in areas you need help in.

Online Math Learning (
* Website has free online worksheets for grades 1 through 8.

Math With Larry (
*Site provides Math lessons online for all stages.
* Has questions platform for lessons not understood.

Homework helpBrightstorm (
*Caters for homework in all high school subjects.
* Offer help in video form.

Tutoring on (
*Volunteer tutors provide free help to students who ask Math questions.
* Have an algebra RSS system which gives updates on newly solved problems.

For Homework Support (
* Online homework questions help.
*Assignment posts and assignment due dates provided.

Fact Monster (
* Offer variant reference tools, interactive quizzes and games.

Kids Knot It (
* Production and free online distribution of educational materials for all levels.

LearningSG Learn Online (
* Have well prepared resources and study guides.

Free-Ed.Net (
* Offering study guides and resources mainly for high school.

E-learning for kids (
* Provide digital learning programs for grades K-8.

MyEducationKey (
* Covers grade K-12 and beyond.
* Offering easy to understand video lessons.

Life Long Learning (
* Have many study guides in Information Technology.

Although most of these websites are completely free, a few charge for some services.

Apr 30

Tutor Challenges

By Annette H | TM Tutors

As a TM Tutor you have gained access to several tools that enrich the life of students. We welcome additions to these learning tools and encourage all of our members to provided suggestion and material that will further add to the learning process. That is why we have developed prize related challenges for TM Tutors Members who have added materials and/or have invested their time in making Tutor Mars more resourceful. These challenges are designed to be both fun and rewarding for TM Tutor Members.

Apr 29

SAT Tactics

By Annette H | Testing

10 Winning SAT Testing Tactics written
by: Erica Fischer

Tests are stressful for just about everyone, and the SAT has become a sort of right-of passage for students so there often seems to be even more pressure surrounding this exam. Taking the SATs doesn’t have to be an anxiety-riddled process. I’ve picked the ten best pieces of advice that are certain to provide a strong foundation to prepare any apprehensive test-taker for the SAT.

1. Get plenty of rest the night before the exam

Everyone from the experts to your parents agrees on this one. It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep when you are stressing out about the test the next morning. A trick I often use is waking up early and getting a lot of exercise the day before. This will help you get to sleep more easily when the time comes.

2. Look for wrong answers instead of right answers.

The Princeton Review encourages students to eliminate wrong choices because even if you don’t know the correct answer, you increase the statistical probability of guessing the correct answer if you can eliminate even one of the choices.

3. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to prepare.

Many people take expensive practice courses and buy fancy books to prepare. These can help, but they do not necessarily guarantee a better score. Before you commit to a course, take advantage of the actual SAT College Boards website:

They offer a number of free (or reasonably priced) and easily accessible resources such as helping you develop a personal study plan. I can’t recommend this enough–there are a lot of fun exercises and neat tricks they offer.

4. Use the test book to make helpful notes.

You are allowed to write in the test book and you should! You can mark out answers you’ve eliminated, mark questions you want to return to, and draw pictures, charts, or diagrams if it helps you to think through a problem.

5. Bring a watch with you to the test.

This is a personal preference. Some people claim it makes them more nervous to have the time ticking away so close. However, some say that having a watch nearby helps them feel more in control and aware of how they are spending their time. You won’t truly know what your preference is until you are taking the test, so my rule of thumb is that it is better to have the watch and decide to put it away than to wish you had it.

4. Avoid words noting extremes.

This is a tip I used when I took my SATs. Words noting extremes such as “always” “never” “definitley” “completely” should be avoided in the SATs. Student-Tutor also insists that these words are a common trick in standardized tests, and if you see any of them in the answer choices, you can immediately eliminate them.

5 Key SAT Critical Reading Strategies to Boost your SAT Score

7. Practice with official tests.

Professional SAT coach Ronnie Delmer encourages student to buy UNMARKED copies of the Official SAT Study Guide. You can pay a lot more for study guides from companies in the business of helping you prepare, but this is reasonably priced and it comes straight from the organization that administers the test.

8. Understand the test structure.

Be familiar with the types of questions asked in each section. For example, be aware that each section of questions on the SAT, except for the critical reading questions, gets increasingly harder as they go.

The people at HowStuff Works has a useful outline of the questions breakdown:

Analogies, Sentence completions, Critical reading, multiple-choice answer math, and student-produced answer math

9. Be strategic about how you spend your time

Many professionals encourage test takers to skip questions they don’t know immediately and return to them later. US News Education department points out that not only does dwelling on a hard question eat up precious time, but also it can psyche you out and lower your confidence level. Go into the test accepting that there are questions you won’t be able to answer immediately and when you come to one, mark it, move on, and return to it later.

10. Know what to bring with you on test day.

The College Board (the administrators of the SAT) provides a detailed list of what you should and shouldn’t bring with you on the day of the test: your admission ticket, pencils, photo identification, an acceptable calculator, etc. Make sure you are familiar with this list, so you aren’t surprised the day of the exam.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled. Dismiss